Thursday, September 6, 2012

This Essay is ‘Not My Own’ by Jordan Todd

This Essay is ‘Not My Own’
A Summary Essay Regarding
George Grant: Metaphysics and Modernity
Jordan A. Todd


He has been called one of the most important Canadian public philosophers[1], a Christian renaissance humanist who drew from many Western and Eastern theological, philosophical and political traditions.[2] George Grant was a holistic and contemplative thinker who would critically consider certain traditions and their proponents. Though much has been written about his life and work, Grant’s Christian faith and how it influenced his thought has been given the least attention. Perhaps this fact is a testament to Grant’s critique of the modern university – that, “if a Christian spoke frankly in a modern multiversity, he would have to leave”.[3] His biographer, William Christian even went as far as to call Grant’s ‘born again’ (conversion) experience the most fundamental experience of Grant’s life[4], making it even more unbelievable that Grant’s faith has been so overlooked.

In this brief essay, the connection between Grant’s work and his faith – his understanding of God and the universe – (what is referred to here as his ‘metaphysics’) will be commented on. It is important to note, however, that in no way will the true depth of his mind, heart, and soul be adequately explored in this short attempt. There is a vast amount of Grant’s thought not even referenced here, and what is discussed is but a shadow. This being said, the goal here is to make some connections, to highlight some themes that are carried through Grants most famous work, themes which take root in his faith.